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Digital Food LCD Scale and Measuring Cup





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About this Item

  • LCD Display: With a large LCD display, the data is easy to read. Convenient and accurate, very practical. Convert measuring units for G ML OZ CUP CT LB.

  • Scope of Applications: Suitable for weighing tea, weighing coffee and milk, weighing condiments, weighing medicinal materials, etc.

  • 2 in 1 Design: This practical kitchen tool combines an electronic scale and measuring cup, which can be used alone or combined to measure some liquids.

  • Detachable: This electronic measuring cup scale features a detachable design that saves space for easy storage and portability. It can also be used when traveling for a long time.

  • Measuring Range: The weighing range of this scale reaches 0‑1000g. Temperature measurement range is ‑10‑120℃. Suitable for daily kitchen use.

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