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Infinity Re-writeable/Reusable Notebook





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The Infinity notebook is built for the digital age that provides a great writing experience. Infinity Notebook is endlessly reusable and is equivalent to atleast 50 traditional notebooks. So no more wasting paper on scripting, rough work, to do lists, calculations etc. Moreover if you're an art lover you can do doodling, calligraphy and more on this notebook. And if you have made notes that are really important to you, Infinity notebook pages are easily scannable with Apps like, Google Lens, Camscanner, Adobe Scan or any other scanning app for that matter. Just Write. Scan. Erase. Repeat. We designed the Infinity Notebook for those who want an endlessly reusable notebook to last for months and years, if not a lifetime. The Infinity notebook has pages made with recycled paper and a coating that lets you easily erase what you have written with a damp cloth. Infinity Notebook comes with a fine tip non-permanent marker for best writing experience and can be written on with any non-permanent marker. So don't just write but WRITE. SCAN. ERASE. REPEAT

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