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Wireless Door Bell





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  • [Stylish Design] The Costar Pebble 530 wireless doorbell kit has an upgraded design that looks more premium and highlights the taste of the house owner. It is suitable for use in office spaces or villa spaces, adding a touch of elegance to any setting

  • [Ultra Long Operating Range ] The doorbell has an impressive operating range of 300m / 1000ft in open areas, making it suitable for use in any corner of your space. You can install it anywhere without worrying about the range being an issue

  • [ 32 Ringtones Available& 5 Volume Mode & Amazing LED ] The kit offers 32 ringtones to choose from, 5 levels of volume, and an amazing LED light. You can find your favorite ringtone among the chimes, adjust the volume to your liking, and the flashing LED light makes it easier for you to notice the coming visitors

  • [Info Board Design] The doorbell also features an info board area where you can write down a message or information that the visitor might need to know. This makes it convenient for visitors to find you even if you're not at home

  • [Suitable for Variable Environment ] The doorbell is suitable for use in various environments, such as home, office, store, school, hospital, and other spaces. It has multiple ringtones and an LED light that make it suitable for any setting

  • [ 120 dB Louder Volume]The doorbell kit receiver has 5 levels of adjustable volumes from 0 to 120dB. This wireless doorbell chime kit receiver is loud enough to be heard throughout the office and house. The volume is adjustable to suit your needs and preferences

  • [Easy to install] The doorbell is easy to install, and you can do it within a minute using all the tools you need. The doorbell and receiver have been paired before they were sold, so all you have to do is install and use them easily

  • [ 1 Year Warranty ] The doorbell kit comes with a 1-year warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of its quality and durability. If you encounter any problems with the kit during this period, you can contact customer support to get it resolved

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