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Touch Free Smart Dustbin





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About this item

  • Enclosed Design - Growlam motion sensor automatic dustbin for bedroom with lid provides a sealing mechanism to lock germs and odor away from your loved ones.

  • Touchless Mechanism - Just the motion of your hand opens the lid automatically. This smart dustbin with a lid is one of the best sensor dustbins for homes and offices.

  • Infrared Sensor - Infrared sensor sense movement to automatically open and close the lid using multiple gestures and is suitable for a trash can in the kitchen.

  • Modern Design - Sense touch-free sensor trash bin has a beautiful design to suit any environment. Best dustbin for homes, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and gardens.

  • Capacity - Large liter capacity with a wide mouth is fit for your everyday needs, suitable dustbins for kitchen waste. This garbage bin with a lid is also used as an office dustbin.

  • Led - Indicator on top for low battery and sensor activity Designed very beautiful and looks like a small bucket with a lid. It is used as a waste basket for the kitchen.

  • Premium Material - Plastic dustbin with lid with beautiful finishing. Perfect for dust bins for Room, Bedroom, Home, Office, Hotel, Kitchen, and Bathroom.

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