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Sell it Silently !

Many clients prefer to market their property discreetly to a select group of known buyers, rather than have their property appear all over the internet and papers.

It requires a particular skill to effectively market a property in a subtle and unobtrusive way. MillZone is well placed to provide this low-key service as we specialize in selling properties of unique character and distinction throughout our area.

Obviously all our sellers and buyers information is held in strict confidence but some sellers prefer to keep their own business to themselves.

A seller may wish to dip their toe in and tempt a buyer without going the whole mile and having widespread marketing. For some sellers, security is paramount and do not want advertised property details.

Whatever the reason we successfully sell properties this way via our database of carefully vetted buyers looking to buy in this area.

Clients who use this service include:

  • Local Business or public people

  • Sellers who don’t want the neighbors to know

  • People who for whatever reason value their privacy

Not Even Single Property are listed openly advertised on any website or in the press – If you are looking please confidentially register with us for our ‘off-market’ properties. If you are contemplating selling and require the utmost in discretion with not even your neighbours being aware please contact us for further details. If you are a public figure and require total anonymity we are able to arrange for prospective viewers to sign an appropriate, binding “non disclosure agreement”.

Over the years, we have accumulated a large database of select buyers who maintain a constant watch on the market, and we can market your property discreetly to these people.

For a confidential market appraisal and to find out how BusinesSHR can make the difference in the sale of your Property, contact us now.

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